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Examples of Framed Photos Plus Newest Images

The Art of Integrity and Self-reflection

A picture or piece of art is worth a thousand words. A perfect piece to store memories of life’s journey by reminding us of our journey. Founded by Osku Leinonen, this form of art can be therapeutic and a means to help you rediscover yourself. It incorporates art: creativity in dance and photography. It aims to help people to see “beyond” daily life through their actions. To help people to see themselves from a positive perspective. The desire to reveal inner self; to see what beauty is behind simple things. More so, Osku Leinonen Photography builds up awareness about the magic behind photos. Inspired by street photography, the founder is a street photographer with years of experience and who enjoys showcasing the beauty of the world with his children.

Osku Leinonen Photography's Story

Once a street performer, now a street photographer, Osku draws his inspiration from the beauty captured through the art of photography. While being shockingly, perhaps even humorously anarchic, it is also therapeutic and uplifting to see how a small piece of art brings joy into our lives. This reminds us of archaic, ancient tunes, colours, and reverberations of the past, which we cannot quite put into words, but which touch our own inner landscape. Through this photography, we find experiences through which we are amazed by our own resilience, diversity, and strength, each being born from our own starting point.

Your Photographer

As Your photographer, Osku captures not just what is front of the lens, but also the emotion, story, reflection of self and energy behind it. He uses photography to bring joy, strength and moment of pause, timelessness, and empowerment.

Whether you want something contemplative, relaxing, joyful, posh art to interior walls (wall art), he’s got you covered with high quality photos.

Mesmerizing Wallart and inspiring Photos. From refreshing Finland. Newest photos gallery

Wall Art, Print on Canvas and Fine Art Photography

Osku Leinonen Photography provides beautiful photos that can be printed in a canvas for wall or as a wall art decor. The pictures are taken by Osku Leinonen, a highly talented and experienced freelance Fine Art photographer, photo retoucher and Visual Artist. Osku lives in Tampere, Finland, in picturesque Pispala region, which is truly a place for inspiration. Wall art, wall art on canvas and contemplative photography are something really important and meaningful for Osku.

How do I choose an Apartment Art?

Having a home of your own taste is a dream come true for everyone. We spend a huge amount of time on its decoration and add a taste of our personality in the house. Different rooms give a different perspective, and that is the reason a home is a place where you can truly depict the artist inside you. Now is the time to decorate the interior with wall art from Pispala!

When pictures have been selected as canvases and as wall art at Osku Leinonen Photography, there isn’t any difficulty in finding the exact size of photo or framed wall art for your need, frame and desire. Get photos today and decorate your walls with images of variant sizes and designs. Osku Leinonen Photography's galleries are the genuine place to go to whenever there is any need for authentic photos, Fine Art Photography, print on canvas and wall art that can be hang for a wall, at home or office.

Art Prints

When it comes to aesthetics, Osku Leinonen's photographs will help you create an aesthetic look at your home through wall art, canvas, art prints and framed art. The modern interior design is all about the minimalistic art and aesthetic look, with pleasing colors. Save you time and effort and shop today. Find art prints and canvases to get the right space and atmosphere for you home. Just add these remarkable art photos on the wall and refill your interior with creative and inspiring energy!

Ideas for displaying pictures on wall

Customers from all over the world can afford lovely wall art decor, art prints, wall art canvas and art for home. The goal is to help and allow everyone to have the opportunity to acquire and find these stunning photos and find ideas for displaying pictures on wall. Loxley Photo Lab from Scotland creates and delivers these stunning and unique art photos, canvases, wall and framed products for any space, home and wall, like you wish. Also large photo canvas prints and art for children's room.

Canvas Prints Look Incredibly Good in Any Home

A photo canvas print, generally also referred to as a stretched canvas print, can be printed using any of your chosen pictures or photographs onto woven canvas. This print on canvas is then stretched across a gallery grade frame and spacers are applied to make sure the top possible standard over the longest period of time. The versatility of wall art canvas and the capability to include your own photograph makes them one of the most attractive ways to display pictures around the house or even in the office.

Holiday Pictures and Family Photos

Using your own photographs or photo allows you to show family images, or pictures of your favourite location or events. Canvas prints, printed directly onto woven canvas, have amazing colour clarity and amazing photograph reproduction so you can enjoy crystal clear, lifelike pictures that can be showed proudly on your wall. Definitely, holiday pictures and family photographs are not the just type of picture you can use either. If you need some help for retouching photos, please, make a contact.

Custom and Existing Artwork - Osku Leinonen Photography

Artwork comes in many sizes, shapes, and styles. If you make your own or find royalty free artwork and have a digital file containing the image then you can also use your favourite piece of art and have this changed into a visually amazing piece of wall art. You will find an option to download images from Osku Leinonen Photography site, alsoStretched canvas is the perfect material for displaying artwork, whether it be of photographic standard or paint based.

Taking Inspiration from Nature - Wall Art From Pispala

You could consider printing images of your favourite plants, animals or flowers. Many canvas printing firms can work with any digital image, although usually speaking, the bigger the desired canvas the better standard and the bigger the image should be in the first place, this helps to make sure that you get the top possible outcome when the canvas wall art finished, as in these wall art photos in Osku Leinonen Photography.

Giving Canvas Prints as Gifts

Wall art from photo not just make great pieces of wall art for your own house. They can be given as gifts to others or they can be used to support personalise any area and truly make that space your own. Pick an image or picture that is match to the room, the recipient, and any design scheme that you might want to follow and find the image and pick the dimensions to match.

Other Photo Gifts

As well as canvas wall art photography, there is a big selection of other photo gifts and image item that can be customised to contain your own choice of image.

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"Osku Leinonen, Finland based Fine Art Photographer Launches New Website International Delivery Choices of Photo Prints and Canvases for Interior Wall Art by Artists from Around the World 11th September 2020

– Osku Leinonen, Finland based freelance fine art photographer is pleased to announce the launch of his second website www.joyful.photography created via Picfair. This site now offers international delivery choices for photo prints and canvases. Picfair is well-known for providing an amazing opportunity for other free-lance photographers from around the world to display their work and receive a fair price for their photos. Osku Leinonen Photography is known for his deep intrinsic photography who doesn’t just capture what’s in front of his lens but also the energy and emotions associated with the subject; thereby creating a marvelous story with every picture that gets clicked.

For those who are looking for some excellent interior wall art work to decorate their walls at home or office, Osku has gathered some of the most mesmerizing pieces of art. These wall art pieces are great gifting ideas as well. All the prints are inspired by the picturesque beauty of Pispala, Finland, the hometown of Osku. Apart from its saunas, this little city is known for its flora and fauna, the vivid colors that act as a perfect canvas and most importantly the pleasant feel of living in nature. So, for those who want to take a little bit of Finland to their homes, this is the right place to be.

To learn more visit www.joyful.photography and www.oskuleinonenphotography.com/

About Osku Leinonen Photography

Osku Leinonen is a talented, experienced and a freelance Fine Art Photographer based at Tampere, Finland. Osku is also a photo retoucher and a visual artist with special interest in wall art, wall art on canvas and contemplative photography.


Osku Leinonen Photography

Website: https://www.oskuleinonenphotography.com/"

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