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How to hang a large canvas?

From picking the right area to display canvas wall art, to deciding whether you want to use image frames, to the perfect display height, to the advantages of eye hooks over hanging wire. Here is everything you needto know about large photo canvas prints hanging and displaying. Pick an Area for your Canvas Print The wall area at the top of a bed, above couches, or behind a desk is a great choice for photo print on canvas. If you are hanging a series of big canvas wall art, you can either hang them in a best row, or stagger them. Following the elevation of stairs is a best way to hang flower wall art and introduce a dynamic feel to an area.

Canvas Hanging Tools and Techniques

We advise hanging your print either with D-rings or sawtooth hangers affixed to the back of the wall art, or with eye hooks affixed to the top of the canvas. All of these items can be purchased at your domestic hardware store. Wire hangings are remarkable for attaching to D-rings or hooks and suspending that large photo canvas prints from the ceiling, but we do not advise to display your canvas print by hanging one wire from the back. Aside from the real hanging tool, the following instruments will come in handy for hanging your canvas print:


Measuring tape


Tissue paper

Masking tape

Width, Height, and Spacing Considerations

One of the biggest mistakes people make in hanging artwork, photos, prints or posters, is putting them too high on the wall. In general, the center of the piece should be at eye level, which is between fifty-seven to sixty inches / 144 - 152 cm from the floor. You should also ensure the base edge of an individual piece or bigger design is around six to ten inches / 15 -25 cm above the furniture you are hanging it over.

Time to Hang your Canvas Print

Now comes the moment you commit to design and begin hanging your canvas print. Use your measuring tape and some pencil marks to plan where each-hanging hook should go on the paper cutouts. Hammer the hooks into the wall via the mark in the paper, tear the paper away and hang your image. Again, use a sprit level to make sure that your canvas print is hanging in a correct line. Generally, canvas prints are very lightweight, which also makes the task easier, and it also allows you to do it alone. Just make sure you take the right measurements.

Try these Classic Wall Art images! Order as a large canvas or print and hang large canvas on a wall on a spot which needs some spark.

How To Hang A Large Canvas

  • Paper Like Flower II

    Paper like flower, soft magenta and purple colour. Pispala garden, Tampere Finland.

  • Willow

    A willow from Terijoki. Viljakkala, Finland.

  • Heartsease II

    A violet, pansy. Pispala, Finland.

  • Pink Flower

    A pink flower. Hyhky, Pispala Finland.

  • Magenta Flower

    A magenta coloured flower. Hyhky, Pispala, Finland.

  • Green Bud

    A green bud of a flower. Hyhky, Pispala Finland.