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Osku Leinonen Photography

Welcome to my site! Here, you'll find a delightful collection of Framed Wall Art, Aesthetic Pictures, Contemplative Photography, and Unique Stock Images. With over 1,600 images from the talented Fine Art Photographer Osku Leinonen, you'll be spoiled for choice. Each photo is carefully curated to bring you an exciting and captivating experience. My pictures are exotic, and you'll rarely find them anywhere else, making them a precious treasure. Straight from the beautiful Nordic country Finland, these images are full of raw, eye-catching power that will leave you breathless. I'm located in the charming Pispala, and for me, art is not just work; it's my passion.

How to reach The Art of Integrity and Fearless Self-reflection Every Day With Photos?


Aesthetic Wall Art Pictures, Contemplative Canvas Prints, and Most Attractive New Images For DownloadA picture or piece of art is worth a thousand words—a perfect piece to store memories of life's journey by reminding us of our journey. Founded by Osku Leinonen, this art form can be therapeutic and help you rediscover yourself. It incorporates art: creativity in dance and photography. It aims to help people to see "beyond" daily life through their actions.

To help people to see themselves from a positive perspective. The desire to reveal the inner self, to see what beauty is behind simple things. More so, Osku Leinonen Photography builds awareness about the magic behind photos.

Inspired by street photography, the founder is a street photographer with years of experience and enjoys showcasing the world's beauty with his children. Once a street performer and now a street photographer, Osku draws his inspiration from the beauty captured through the art of photography.

Even Humorously Anarchic

While shockingly, perhaps even humorously anarchic, it is also therapeutic and uplifting to see how a small piece of art brings joy into our lives. This reminds us of archaic, ancient tunes, colors, and repercussions of the past, which we cannot quite put into words but touches our inner landscape.

Through this photography, we find experiences through which we are amazed by our resilience, diversity, and strength, each being born from our starting point.

Timelessness And Empowerment

As Your photographer, Osku captures what is in front of the lens and the emotion, story, reflection of self, and energy behind it. He uses photography to bring joy, strength, moments of pause, timelessness, and empowerment. So whether you want something contemplative, relaxing, joyful, or posh art to interior walls (wall art), he's got you covered with high-quality photos.

Aesthetic Wall Art From Pispala, Finland

Osku Leinonen Photography and Joyful Photography sites provide framed Wall Art, contemplative photos, and fresh stock images—over 1,600 images already from one artist, Fine Art photographer Osku Leinonen.

A unique collection of empowering photos and multiple series of different themes. Images are exotic and rarely or never seen or used, so there's a considerable value in newness and Wow-effect, raw eye-catching power. Also, there's no intermediary taking part in the payment; a customer buys straight from the artist, supporting arts and artists directly. Art is work.

Osku Leinonen makes beautiful, astonishing photos that can be printed on canvas for wall art or decor. Osku is highly talented and experienced. Osku lives in Tampere, Finland, and Scandinavia, in the picturesque Pispala region.

Fine Art photographer

"My purpose is to provide and make an abundance of mental images, awakened impressions, and memories through Contemplative Wall Art and Fine Art Photography."

Osku is also a Qigong (chi kung) instructor and Butoh Dancer. Photos on canvaspersonalized framed photos, and options quality are essential and meaningful for Osku. Fall in Love with Pispala!

Photos on canvas and printable pictures for frames - With Twist of Far-Outness


Sun. Color of an old wood door, the softness of the floor of wide wooden boards, emanating heat of a red wall painted with red ocher color, a wall charged by the sun, and thousands of looks. Touch wood, brick wall. Crack on a wall. Take a step. Find a new, once hidden detail, now revealed. Let your eyes and camera find what must be found, what has been left.

How To Shoot Traces, Environments, And Surfaces, With Your Camera?

Rain. All colors have been changed, and surfaces are from another world. Colors are muted, but running water on a window glass makes beautiful reflections, patterns, and reformatted images. Bubbles inside an old glass and uneven surface make you feel comfortable. Not only are humans not perfectly formed, but the skin of the environment also has its own personal marks. When my skin gets older, so do surfaces.

Wet. Suddenly you notice all the colors that wet stone possesses. Colors are there, all little rainbows, and water has brought them for you to sense. The damp floor on an old stable has darker tones than the sun-dried wall. The dust has taken shelter, nestled against bums of wood. Dust doesn't want to fly with a gust of air raised by the suddenly opened door. Instead, it behaves and looks different than when the dust is dry. Here horseshoes have sculpted the floor with love and time, and now it is like a surface of a rare planet. Work traces are all visible, tool marks on wood, like signatures on white paper.

Cold. It's so silent. Metal has dim power in cold weather, and touching metal gives you chills. Rust flakes now have companions; tiny ice crystals with rust are next to each other, making the environment sparkling and glimmer. Light has changed, and the mood is different. A story has a new tone.

When I see, touch, and take photos of surfaces and textures, it is like touching and noticing the familiar skin of all beings, our shared environmental heritage. Not all material has the power to preserve our memory and life events so well. Already lived places, seasoned buildings, and surfaces have a specific ability, and quality, almost like your touch is a needle and texture of a vinyl record. Observe, notice and touch, and reveal the music of the lived environment and the people who have been here. With my camera, I try to find and catch this music. I let the objective be the needle, which dances on the topography of surfaces.

The preserved surrounding is our shared memory bank; we can't lose it or lose a big part of ourselves. With the camera and as a photographer, I try to collect what is possible to collect and share and remind viewers about this unique treasure. We all have favorite places, buildings, traces, houses, and secret childhood dens. We feel and sincerely sense all aspects of the environment. Constructed, preserved, or found surfaces are part of our skin, the skin of environmental heritage.

We should save what we can, preserve what is already part of our shared story, build heritage, and invite those new in this particular area to our story via surfaces, textures, and buildings. All this helps us remember that there have been others before us; we are part of a longer story - and there will be others when we are already left.

I appreciate beauty, art, and minute details and value small things around us. As a photographer, I aim to notice, share and remind of those little but meaningful traces around us, our environment, and our built surroundings. Also, one of my specialties is to capture the feelings of the fantastic Pispala region where I live. My Pispala is full of unique buildings, people, and nature.

As a visual artist, I try to find the best media and a mixture of tools to achieve rich communication between messages, textures, visual elements, and receivers.

As an artist, I aim to provide and make many mental images, awakened impressions, and memories through photography, graphic design, and visual arts. Photos give birth to solid impressions and pictures, and these impressions become seeds of visual art and concepts, photographic experiments, and even performances of butoh dance.

As a human and fellow man, I wish to remind you and me about the importance of belonging to this place right now, regardless of what we have already lost or left behind. Our shared heritage can start now; we are part of that. We have to notice and appreciate and touch. With all our senses and gentleness. Osku Leinonen 2022

My Video CV, recorded 2020 at Pispala and Tampere

I am a freelance Fine Art Photographer. Please, make a contact if you want to know more! I am happy to help. Artist's Name: Osku Leinonen Photography Address: Lakkisepankatu 2, 33270 Tampere, Finland, Phone Number: +358 (0)45 3185117  Email:

NEW Superior RICOH GR IIIx Digital Camera Review 2022

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Ricoh GR IIIx

And now there's an upgraded model, Ricoh GR IIIx, with a 40mm focal. "A focal length of 40mm provides an incredibly versatile angle of view close to the effective field of view of humans."

Excellent, that beloved Ricoh GR continues to evolve!

The previous model Ricoh GR III has specs as Focal length, aperture:18.3mm (Approx. 28mm in 35mm equivalent focal length), and F2.8~F16; that means that GR III (without little x) is a more "wide-angle" camera.

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REVIEW: Ricoh GR III Street Edition with Accessories

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New Photo Short-Film Aesthetic Indie Pictures, New Brilliant Wall Art, Wonderful Art Photos and Unique Canvases

New Photo Short-film Minute Findings Photo Gallery


Question: How can I use these charming pictures and photo art?

Answer: As an aesthetic decor, bohemian wall decoration, adorable gift, or even a boho-chic shirt. Also, as a media for your successful projects (images for websites, social media, brochures, ads, and other marketing material). A commercial license is available, also.

Question: Can you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes. There are two main Osku Leinonen Photography sites with multiple choices for delivery. You can also buy and download high-resolution photos: and

Question: What does Osku Leinonen Photography site offer?

Answer: Wall Art, aesthetic photos, canvas prints, photo prints, downloadable photos, large photo canvas prints, wall decor, contemplative photography, and images for websites, social media, brochures, ads, and other marketing material.

The Wonderful Art of Digital Photography

Sophisticated computer systems and mobile phones, mobility, and microchips - are the hallmarks of the world today. We ordinarily reside in a world continuously altered by crucial innovations.

Even the arts have indeed constantly altered due to innovation. Carefully consider it: from charcoal illustrations to painting to digital photography, we have come to a lengthy method in the visual arts.

We have utilized numerous techniques in capturing life and freezing time. Groundbreaking innovation is constantly being established to make art simpler and more enjoyable. Nevertheless, you must adequately understand that the creative art of digital photography is not as easy as a goal and shoot.

How Do You Think You Could Attain a Fantastic Picture?

We can state that innovation has reached a level where an individual must do little to achieve a fantastic picture. However, naturally, you must understand how to utilize the tools correctly.

To be mastered, digital photography requires three T's: Time, talent, tactical understanding of your devices and gear, and some treasure. So simply, what does it indicate?

1) Time - one can not be an immediate specialist in digital photography. You'll need to put in the time to find out everything about it. Even though you are a protege with genius skills, you need the training to sharpen that skill. Bear in mind that for all its power, a steamroller can not be utilized to do the work of a hammer. However, there is knowledge of using power appropriately.

2) Talent - naturally, you require a little fundamental skill to be terrific at the art of digital photography. In addition, you must have an eye for the topics that would make an excellent picture. Otherwise, you will be average in a field that needs achievement. The proper training can improve your fundamental skill and assist you in honing your abilities in the art of digital photography.

3) Treasure - as stated prior, you will require the appropriate tools to succeed in digital photography. This implies you will need to invest some money. Although many digital art photography devices can be purchased with just a little cash, some require pocket digging.

The art of digital photography may need a lot. And there's no reversing. Nevertheless, to put in something, you require love. And love constantly needs sacrifice. So you ought to keep that in mind. Good luck!

Photography as an Art

Photography is among the stunning meanings of art that reveal the image represented. The three parts related to Photography are artist, medium, and artwork. The three elements are interrelated to each other.

Many people discovered photography to be a simple reproductive medium, and thus the factor photography honestly had a hard time for one and half centuries.

Photography is the artwork. Representing and expressing through a primary picture requires much skill and creativity. It is the art of acknowledging the most negligible impacts on reaching the photo's heart. It is not just clicking the images. However, it has to do with providing a series, a background, a photo, vitality, and a medium.

A Photograph artist brings the Pictures to life after they are clicked. It is a stunning art of acknowledging the habits of nature, individuals, or circumstances.

Creative Photographic Giants

Numerous creative photographic giants like Henri Cartier Bresson, Walker Evans, and Dorothea Lange showed themselves in the field of photography. At present, countless photographic artists like those who make their work understood to the world through their most delicate art of photography by depicting it on the site.

Photography as an art has taken its location and popularity in the market today. There are many individuals worldwide who love Photography. Some individuals wish to select these occupations because of their creative interventions. Photography has not decreased - instead, it has discovered a method to win the hearts of lots of people.

Photography being an art, is likewise tricky; it portrays the authentic self out of a non-living thing. For instance, it brings life to a photo that can be dead. But on the other hand, when we consider the clear picture of nature, photography can get those easy pictures of nature alive by including colors and meanings to it, making them live in the eyes of the audience.

Including Colors, A Sense, including A Life in Photos

Photography is the very best thing. It is the creativity of the mind, and it is the creativity of ideas. So one can get quickly immersed in the line of photography. Many professional photographers invest hours throughout the day to specify the easy clicks and make them live.

Including colors, a sense, and a life to something non-living is an art. Pictures of numerous natural impulses give our creativity of photography being a specified art. Lots of times, Photographs portray a lot about an individual. Something that an individual is unknowledgeable about.

Photography as an art has been acknowledged in the current years. For many years individuals have accepted the tricks of photography and what it can represent. Photography portrays the understood from the unidentified; it is the art of going to the depths of comprehending the vigor and the nature of any photo.

Photography, likewise, is a gorgeous art of creativity. It is an art of a dream, and it is the art of bringing the vision to truth. The significant series of photography can be translucent, as numerous examples suggest, by the professional photographers of the past.

Aesthetic Color Photography

Color is the essence of many things, from photos to a blooming flower to a deep blue ocean. The capability to take color picture prints has altered the world of photography in more methods than one. However, it has never been utilized to be so vibrant back in the early 19th century.

In the preliminary days, film rolls and photography remained in black & white format. However, the look for color film rolls continued throughout the 19th century. There were experiments carried out. However, the colors in the photos might be unkempt, and they disappeared quickly.

The very first Color Image

According to history, the first color image was taken by James Clerk Maxwell, a physicist, in 1861. Among the earliest techniques of producing color, the photo was precise; overall, three cams needed to be utilized.

Prokudin-Gorskii, in 1915, was the first to utilize this procedure to take color photos. He employed a color filter and positioned it in front of the lens for each of the three video cameras. By doing this, he could get three standard channels likewise famous as the RGB or Red, Green, and Blue. Prokudin-Gorskii followed this with another strategy in which he used three-color plates and utilized them in succession.

Photographic Experiments

As more experiments continued, H. W. Vogel could produce emulsions in the early 20th century that might create the needed sensitivity to red and green light. Later, the Lumiere bros developed the first color film called Autochrome.

Autochrome was introduced to the market in 1907. This procedure included a screen plate filter and colored dots made from potato starch.

Autochrome was the only universally available color film until the German business Agfa presented a color film in 1932 called the Agfacolor. Following its example, Kodak introduced an incorporated tri-pack color film in 1935 entitled the Kodachrome. Kodachrome was based upon three-color emulsions.

Following Kodachrome, Agfa, in 1936, brought out Agfacolor Neue. Agfacolor Neue had color couplers seamlessly incorporated with emulsion layers, and this streamlined film processing and developed an effect in the photography market. As a result, all color films other than for Kodak are based upon the Agfacolor Neue innovation.

Imagination begets imagination!

It can be amply demonstrated from the truth that the Kodachrome color films were developed by Leopold Mannes and Leopold Godowsky, Jr., two accomplished artists. Moreover, Leopold Godowsky, Jr. was the child of the most excellent pianist of his time, Leopold Godowsky.

The color pictures faithfully recorded poetic feelings and the unique environments in such a prevalent method that they were being utilized increasingly in papers, publications, and even for book covers. So it has been since color photography, but black and white photography is increasingly popular again. So it goes. We need all shades and tones to paint life and our inner world. Good luck again!

The Modern Art Movements

"What differentiates modern art from the art of other ages is criticism." - Octavio Paz.

The Modern Art movements started in the mid-19th century. Until this crucial point, the world's artists focused their artwork on realistic representations of the world around them.

They made their living entirely on commission work, federal government sponsorship, and exhibits selected by federal government authorities. An extensive modification will come. Nevertheless, firmly insisting that there was more to reveal and teach through art sufficiently was a creative motion and a social advancement.

The first group committed to this modification were the Impressionists in Paris circa 1860. The term originated in a Claude Monet painting called Impression, Sunrise. The modern artists coming from the movement were the same artists who had been turned down by the Academie des Beaux-Arts - the most prominent art institute in France.'

This undoubtedly triggered stress, and upon exhibit in 1863, it began the start of the movement. The impressionists focused on the light of items in painting and modifying light in time. They firmly insisted that painters paint with natural light, focusing on landscapes and life scenes.

Some Artists:

Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Camille Pissarro, Frederic Bazille, Edgar Degas, Gustave Caillebotte, Edouard Manet, Elena Filatov, Peter Severen Kroyer and the American Mary Cassatt.


Originates from the French word 'Fauve,' implying wild animal. This motion was first shown in 1905, accompanied by motivation from Impressionism. At the time, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, and Paul Cezanne had taken Impressionism to its practical limitations.

The Fauvists were teetering on the verge and utilized stunning color in its most vibrant form. Henri Matisse, who looked to produce "art to pleasure," is believed to be the leader of this motion. Although it wasn't long-term, it was a fascinating motion based more on aesthetics than approach.

Artists Of Fauvism

Albert Marquet, Andre Derain, Maurice de Vlaminck, Giovanni Giacometti and Henri Matisse.


It began in Germany around 1905 and lasted throughout the thirties. The objective of Expressionists was dark and psychological, to reveal their view of truth through distortion. Not the most gleeful motion of all. However, poignant. Two groups of artists contributed.

One in Dresden called Die Bruecke, indicating the bridge, and one in Munich called Blaue Reiter, implying The Blue Rider. Among the most well-known works of movement is 'The Scream' by Norweigen Edvard Munch -an exceptional example of the inner artist coming to life through his work.

Artists of Expressionism

Pass Away Bruecke - Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel, Emil Nolde, Max Pechstein, Otto Mueller, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, American Mark Rothko, Italian painter and carver Amedeo Modigliani, Franz Marc, August Macke, Gabriele M., Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Alexei Yavlensky, Egon Schiele, Chang Shi-Jun, and Heribert Elzer.

Art Nouveau

Is a French term suggesting New Art? The motion started in 1880 and lasted through 1910. It was preferred in its time and ended up being an around-the-world phenomenon. The Germans called it Jugendstil, the Italians Liberty, the Austrians Sezessionsstil, and the Spanish Arte joven. An extremely ornamental and elaborate design of curves and organics infected architecture, sculpture, furnishings, and precious jewelry.

Artists Of Art Nouveau

Gustav Klimt, Louis Comfort Tiffany, and Alphonse Mucha

Art Deco

n the 1920s and 1930s directly responded to Art Nouveau because it neutralized solid geometrics and proportion. With less art and more architecture and style, this motion caused high-rise buildings and highly increased structures.

Artists Of Art Deco

Tamara de Lempicka, Georgia O'Keeffe


Pablo Picasso started it in Spain. Its specific topics were broken and reassembled in weird and abstract methods. Fragmentation through geometric kinds revealed painting in a brand-new method. Depth must be displayed in this art form, like aircraft of equivalent locations. This was the start of really progressive and abstract art.

Artists Of Cubism

Pablo Picasso and Georges Braques, Robert Delaunay, Marcel Duchamp, Juan Gris and Lyonel Feininger.


It began in 1924, oddly enough, by a poet called Andre Breton, who concentrated on the unconscious, the value of dreams, and the mind in the art form. After that, surrealism became a cultural, creative, and intellectual motion. Its artists consisted of self-proclaimed communists, feminists, atheists, and anarchists.

They declared a sense of transcendentalism and concentrated on more real methods of life through the unconscious. Journalists highly slammed their work. However, it acquired a cult following that still sustains today among the most exciting and popular art movements.

Artists Of Surrealism

Salvador Dali, the Italian Giorgio de Chirico, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Joan Miro, Yves Tanguy, Rene Margritte and the Russian Marc Chagal.


Art, fathered by Wassily Kandinsky, is much better seen than discussed. Brilliant colors, indiscernible shapes, and representation of anything, however natural and worldly, are particular to this design.

Constructivism (1915) and De Stijl (1917) were parallel movements that took abstraction into sculpture and architecture. Abstraction or non-figurative form is a utilized and still a much-used art form. In modern style, designers and art experts frequently pick abstract art for wall coverings.

Artists Of Abstract

Wassily Kandinsky Beate Emanuel, Emilie Gerard, Spencer Lee, Escha Van den Bogerd, Silverio Dominguez, Milene De Kleijn, Vincent Mond, Ingrid Thaler and Piet Mondrian

Pop Art

It responded to the impersonal and too-elite form of abstract art. American and British artists of the mid-20th century felt it was time to bring craft back to the daily life of ordinary individuals. Andy Warhol was the carpenter of the Pop Art motion, and serigraphy or screen printing was his tool of option.

He used daily pictures of cooking area products or film stars' deals to bring this motion to life. Modern comics, ads, and album cover boasted pop art. Although the concept behind the action was excellent, Pop art or Popular art has been dramatically slammed for blurring the lines between art and standardized art.

Artists Of Pop Art

Andy Warhol, Jaspar Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney, Claes Oldenburg, Roy Lichtenstein, Georg Segal, Wayne or James Rosenquis.

Every Modern Art movement has something to advise us about our movement. These are brief descriptions of key topics that might be gone over and disputed ceaselessly, what an intriguing past has resulted in our present day. And what fascinating individuals have led the way?

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Looking for 9 Key Digital Camera Features

In this article, I will supply a list of the standard digital camera aspects that are helping you to understand. Let's start!

1. Resolution.

The resolution identifies how sharp your image will be, how much you can increase the size of a picture before the pixels end up being disruptive, and how much you can crop an image and still be entrusted to an excellent shot that you can expand and control.

2. Lens.

The lens is the eye of your digital camera. You can search for the following in your lens: You'll want good-quality optics that focus a sharp image on your camera's sensor unit. The best way to evaluate the lens's quality is to take a test image or two. A supplier's examples of photos taken with the camera or on the internet are other methods to examine a lens's capability.

The lens likewise requires adequate light-gathering power to let you shoot in minimized light levels. A camera's light-gathering abilities are determined by something called f-stops.

Another aspect is the zoom power of the lens (how big or small an image seems from a specific shooting position). A digital camera's lens zoom can generally differ by focusing and out to make the picture bigger or smaller.

The associated element, the zoom range, is another crucial particular to look at. Where zoom informs you just how big or little the image can be made to appear, the zoom range informs you of the distinction between the two. For example, some lenses have a small zoom range, state 2:1, whereas others have a more vast variety, approximately 12:1 or more (which suggests the image size can differ as much as 12X).

What's the difference between magnification and zoom range?

Zoom offers how big or little an image seems. For instance, one lens might extend from 28mm (35mm equivalent) to 85mm (35mm equivalent) zooms, a 3:1 zoom variety. Another lens may go from 35mm to 105mm (both 35mm equivalents) and certify as a 3:1 zoom range optic. Nevertheless, the 2nd lens would offer more close zoom.

3. Storage.

The kind and capability of detachable storage (memory card) is another essential function. The more storage area you have for pictures, the more photos you can take with your digital camera. Most cams utilize Compact Flash, Secure Digital, or other "electronic film" media.

4. Exposure controls.

Other than the minuscule pricey designs, all digital cams consist of automated exposure managers that change the quantity of light reaching the sensor based on the lighting conditions of your topic. For example, if the lighting is low, an auto exposure system utilizes a larger lens f-stop or exposes the sensing unit for a more extended period. Conversely, the automatic exposure system minimizes the quantity of light reaching the sensing unit if there is much light.

Digital cameras with more flexible automated exposure manage to let you define what kind of exposure to utilize. For instance, when shooting action, it's typically more suitable to use the fastest shutter speed possible to freeze the movement and change the lens opening size.

On the other hand, if you desire many of your images to be in sharp focus (Say, things near the camera and exceptionally far are both essential.), you can select an exposure mode that prefers optimum depth of field. You most likely desire a digital camera that can deal with various exposure modes and lets you set exposure yourself.

5. Focus controls.

Nearly all digital cameras likewise have an automatic system for conveniently focusing your images. Some are more flexible than others, and many digital cameras let you focus by hand to ensure that the subject you wish to stress is the sharpest.

6. Viewfinders.

Digital video cameras typically have four methods to let you sneak peek and compose your images before direct exposure. First, the color LCD/LED/OLED, etc., the panel on the back of the camera reveals the same image that the sensing unit is recording. The panel is typically challenging to see in intense light, so digital cameras might have optical viewfinders that enable you to see a non-electronic variation of the frame.

7. Aperture Size.

We might go a little farther here than a few of you want to appreciate; however, bear with us, as the aperture size can significantly affect your images. The size of the aperture determines how much light is let into the camera when your photo is taken. Consider the aperture like the iris of your eye. No vast offer, you might believe; nevertheless, having more light enables you to take much more excellent photos in a range of lighting conditions, and cloudy days are the best example.

With a big aperture, you would be less likely to require a flash or external light. But camera sensors have improved so much that most cameras have unbelievable low-light capabilities. Still, the aperture means a lot, especially if you want (and should) control the image, thus creating the desired atmosphere and aesthetic.

8. Shutter Speed.

Fantastic results can be made to images utilizing a range of shutter speeds. The widest variety you can discover is the significant thing to try to find when purchasing a capable digital camera regarding shutter speeds. This will allow you to control the image in the desired method. Integrated with a pro-active aperture, the shutter speed can make images come to life or freeze images in an instant.

This strategy is superb when you wish to take moving things precisely how they appear as they were still. Setting the shutter speed to a slower setting provides more exposure. The impact is the image practically runs. Moving items are a little blurred.

You might believe this is bad; however, take the example of running water. Leaving the shutter speed on for longer will soften the image developing a pleasing photograph to the eye, similar to the method a waterfall appears in reality.

You can take digital photography to the extreme with a camera with an extremely large range of shutter speeds. However, with a highly sluggish shutter speed, you can have a long direct exposure of light to the sensor and therefore get like the famous traffic scenes where the headlights mix with each other into a continuous stream.

9. Other devices, other functions.

Lastly, as you select your digital photography equipment, think of devices such as tripods, filters, add-on lenses, external electronic flash systems and external lights, scanners, printers, and extra things.

Artistic greetings: a thoughtful method to naturally produce an enduring impression

Everyone genuinely feels the specific requirement to send greetings to darlings and pals throughout the year. It is a practical and classic method to let somebody understand you care. Creative greetings can be found in several kinds, and they have been popular for several years.

Creative greetings can be discovered at every present and card store. Many individuals choose to acquire one unique event like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and vacations. Another great alternative is going to a local art gallery or museum, where you might discover creative greetings highlighting a few of the world's most famous paintings.

Your Creative Greetings

On an innovative note, you can even make your creative greetings, which may be the best method to state you care because of the effort and time you require to put the creative greetings together.

Although they can be time-consuming, they are well worth it. It can be frustrating to think of making creative greetings for everybody on your list; however, with some cautious preparation, you can invest a couple of hours into it and potentially get another family member to help you.

Art products and tools

If you are the mom and dad of school-age kids, could you use their assistance in making creative greetings you can send throughout the year? A terrific method is establishing a craft station on a table in your house.

Art products like crayons, paints, sparkles, and glue must be provided to your kids. So let them draw colors, paint their little artworks, and cut them to fit on card stock. This is a much enjoyed, unique individual development that most receivers will value and treasure long after the memorable event has indeed passed.

Discover special creative greetings

One can likewise discover special creative greetings by searching diligently for artists who focus on business online. Lately, various artists have seen the capacity to share their overcome this place.

By doing this, you not just discover readymade greetings; however, you will find artists who will develop creative welcoming by demand, providing you with a particular product that will please whoever you choose to send it to. So, if you'd like to build this path, please handle an artist who will come through for you when you require creative greetings.

Talented Artists

Last but not least, check out comprehensive evaluations of talented artists and look at more valuable information on their sites. Make sure they have contact info, which is the best details.

Also, could you validate you discovered the ended-up item of your particular greetings before you get an order? You should not need to pay for cheery greetings that do not show your initial vision. Good luck!

Starting In photography: Comprehending The Light

Comprehending how various lighting impacts an image is half the work of producing much better pictures. This short article summarizes the different kinds of light you may come across as a professional photographer and how to use them to your benefit.

Direct light

Checking out the household picture album recently, I observed a repeating style; image after picture of people squinting into the sun, appearing like ghosts with our flat, white faces and dark holes where our eyes need to have been. This is among the most typical errors individuals make when taking images in direct sunshine.

By standing with your back to the sun, you efficiently flatten out the light and, for that reason, your topic. All those intriguing lines and textures vanish, and you have entrusted a one-dimensional image. If you shoot a picture, you require your subject to look straight into the sun.

This makes it challenging for them to refrain from squinting or twisting their face into all sorts of unattractive shapes. In addition, if you are shooting in the middle of the day, when the sun is high, the shape of your eyebrows can likewise develop dark shadows over your eyes, eliminating the most efficient function in a picture. However, this sort of light does have its benefits, specifically morning and late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky.

The light tends to be more golden, can cast a warm radiance over topics, and develop some unique colors. For this reason, professional landscape photographers like to contend with these times of the day. It is lovely for individuals as the requirement to squint is less, and late afternoon light highlights a personís eyes.

Diffused light

Diffused light is nondirectional light, where the strength of light is even; for instance, on an overcast day. This light is lovely for picture photography as it develops little or no shadow on an individual's face. This is rather lovely to many people. For the same factor, it diffused light benefits macro or close-up photography.

Light consistency lets you catch information in your topic that may otherwise be lost to overblown highlights or deep shadows if taken in direct sunshine. However, there are some circumstances where this lighting can destroy a picture—for example, in landscape photography. A photo of an extended scene with a flat grey sky and dull colors through the landscape is simply uninviting.

For these circumstances, some sunshine is more effective in developing interest in the sky and the shapes of the land. Various lighting conditions work for multiple occasions and different kinds of photography. The vital thing to remember is that we can not modify weather conditions. However, we can change our method to take photos to work together with it. So be ready for all scenarios and have several concepts when you head out.

If you would like to take household pictures and discover the light too extreme, you can find a tree or shaded setting to operate in. Be innovative. Be versatile. Experiment. Walk your topics to understand how light modifies at various angles. No matter the lighting conditions, there is constantly a method to utilize them to your benefit. You'll need to find it.

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Osku Leinonen Photography As Seen On...

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Osku Leinonen Photography

"Osku Leinonen, Finland-based Fine Art Photographer, Launches New Website International Delivery Choices of Photo Prints and Canvases for Interior Wall Art by Artists from Around the World 11th September 2020

– Osku Leinonen, a Finland-based freelance fine art photographer, is pleased to launch his second website,, created via Picfair. This site now offers international delivery choices for photo prints and canvases. Picfair is well-known for providing a fantastic opportunity for other freelance photographers worldwide to display their work and receive a fair price for their photos. Osku Leinonen Photography is known for his profound intrinsic photography, which doesn't just capture what's in front of his lens and the energy and emotions associated with the subject, creating a marvelous story with every picture that gets clicked.

For those looking for some excellent interior wall artwork to decorate their walls at home or office, Osku has gathered some of the most mesmerizing pieces of art. These wall art pieces are great gifting ideas as well. The picturesque beauty of Pispala, Finland, the hometown of Osku, inspires all the prints. Apart from its saunas, this little city is known for its flora and fauna, the vivid colors that act as a perfect canvas, and, most importantly, the pleasant feel of living in nature. So, for those who want to take a little of Finland to their homes, this is the right place to be. To learn more, visit and

About Osku Leinonen Photography

Osku Leinonen is a talented, experienced freelance Fine Art Photographer in Tampere, Finland. Osku is also a photo retoucher and a visual artist interested in wall art, wall art on canvas, and contemplative photography.


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