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Osku Leinonen Photography

My sites provide Framed Wall Art, Contemplative Photography and Unique Stock Images. Over 1,500 images already, from one artist, Fine Art Photographer Osku Leinonen. Exiciting collection of Empowering Photos, multiple series of different themes. Photos are exotic and rarely or never seen or used, so there's huge value of newness and Wow-effect, raw eye-catching power. From the nordic country Finland, Scandinavia. I live in Pispala. Art is work.

How to reach The Art of Integrity and Fearless Self-reflection Every Day


A picture or piece of art is worth a thousand words. A perfect piece to store memories of life’s journey by reminding us of our journey. Founded by Osku Leinonen, this form of art can be therapeutic and a means to help you rediscover yourself. It incorporates art: creativity in dance and photography. It aims to help people to see “beyond” daily life through their actions. To help people to see themselves from a positive perspective. The desire to reveal inner self; to see what beauty is behind simple things. More so, Osku Leinonen Photography builds up awareness about the magic behind photos.

Inspired by street photography, the founder is a street photographer with years of experience and who enjoys showcasing the beauty of the world with his children. Once a street performer, now a street photographer, Osku draws his inspiration from the beauty captured through the art of photography. While being shockingly, perhaps even humorously anarchic, it is also therapeutic and uplifting to see how a small piece of art brings joy into our lives. This reminds us of archaic, ancient tunes, colours, and reverberations of the past, which we cannot quite put into words, but which touch our own inner landscape.

Through this photography, we find experiences through which we are amazed by our own resilience, diversity, and strength, each being born from our own starting point.

As Your photographer, Osku captures not just what is front of the lens, but also the emotion, story, reflection of self and energy behind it. He uses photography to bring joy, strength and moment of pause, timelessness, and empowerment. Whether you want something contemplative, relaxing, joyful, posh art to interior walls (wall art), he’s got you covered with high quality photos.

Aesthetic Wall Art From Pispala, Finland

Osku Leinonen Photography and Joyful Photography sites provide framed Wall Art, contemplative photos and fresh stock images. Over 1,500 images already, from one artist, Fine Art photographer Osku Leinonen. Unique collection of empowering photos, multiple series of different themes. Photos are exotic and rarely or never seen or used, so there's huge value of newness and Wow-effect, raw eye-catching power. Also, there's no middleman taking part of the payment, customer bought straight form the artist and so supports directly arts and artist. Art is work.

Osku Leinonen makes beautiful, astonishing photos that can be printed in a canvas for wall art or wall art decor. Osku is a highly talented and experienced Fine Art photographer. Osku lives in Tampere, Finland, Scandinavia, in picturesque Pispala region.

"My purpose is to provide and make an abundance of mental images, awakened impressions and memories through Contemplative Wall Art and Fine Art Photography."

Osku is also a Qigong (chi kung) instructor and Butoh Dancer. Photos on canvaspersonalised framed photos and quality of options are something really important and meaningful for Osku. Fall in Love with Pispala!

Photos on canvas and printable pictures for frames - With Twist of Far-Outness


Sun. Color of an old wood door, the softness of floor of wide wooden boards, emanating heat of red wall painted with red ocher colour, wall charged by sun and thousands of looks. Touch the wood, brick wall. Crack on a wall. Take a step. Find a new, once hidden detail, now revealed. Let your eyes and camera find what needed to be found, what has been left.

How to shoot traces, environments and surfaces, with your camera?

Rain. All colors have been changed, surfaces are from another world. Colors are muted, but running water on a window glass makes beautiful reflections, patterns, and reformatted images. Bubbles inside an old glass and uneven surface make you feel comfortable. Not only humans are not perfectly formed, but the skin of the environment has also its own, personal marks. When my skin gets older, so does surfaces.

Wet. Suddenly you notice all the colors that wet stone possesses. Colors are there, all little rainbows, and water has brought them to for you to sense. The wet floor on an old stable has darker tones than the sun-dried wall. The dust has taken shelter, nestled against bums of wood. Dust doesn’t want to fly with a gust of air, raised by the suddenly opened door. Rather it behaves and looks different than when the dust is dry. In here horseshoes have sculpted the floor, with love and time, and now it is like a surface of a rare planet. Traces of work are all visible, tool marks on wood, like signatures on a white paper.

Cold. It's so silent. Metal has dim power on cold weather, and to touch metal gives you chills. Rust flakes now have companions; small ice crystals are next to each other with rust, making the environment sparkling and glimmering. Light has changed, the mood is different. A story has a new tone.

When I am seeing, touching and taking photos of surfaces and textures, it is like touching and noticing common skin of all beings, our shared environmental heritage. Not all material has the power to preserve our memory and life events so well. Already lived places, seasoned buildings and surfaces have certain power and quality, almost like your touch is a needle and texture a vinyl record. Observe, notice and touch, and reveal the music of the lived environment, people who have been here. With my camera, I try to find and catch this music. I let the objective and light be the needle, which dances on the topography of surfaces.

The preserved surrounding is our common memory bank, we can’t lose it, or we lose a big part of ourselves. With the camera and as a photographer I try to collect what is possible to collect and share and remind viewers about this unique treasure. All of us have favorite places and buildings, traces, houses, and secret childhood dens. We feel and sense deeply all aspects of the environment. Constructed, preserved or found surfaces are part of our skin, the skin of environmental heritage.

We should save what we can, preserve what is already part of our shared story, built heritage, and invite those who are new in this particular area to our story, via surfaces, textures, and buildings. All this helps us to remember: there have been others before us, we are part of a longer story - and there will be others when we are already left.

I appreciate beauty, art and minute details, and I value small things around us. Working as a photographer my aim is to notice, share and remind of those little, but meaningful traces around us, in our environment and built surrounding. Also, one of my specialties is to capture the feelings of the fantastic Pispala region, where I live. My Pispala, full of unique buildings, people and nature.

As a visual artist, I try to find the best media and mixture of tools to achieve rich communication between message, textures, visual elements, and receiver.

As an artist, my purpose is to provide and make an abundance of mental images, awakened impressions and memories through photography, graphic design, and visual arts. Photos give birth to strong impressions and images, and these impressions become seeds of visual art and concepts, photographic experiments, and even performances of butoh dance.

As a human and fellow man, my wish is to remind you, and me, about the importance to belong to this place, right now, regardless of what we have already lost, or left behind. That our shared heritage can start at this very moment, we are part of that. We just have to notice and appreciate, and touch. With all our senses and gentleness. Osku Leinonen 2021

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My Video CV, recorded 2020 at Pispala and Tampere

I am a freelance Fine Art Photographer. Please, make a contact, if you want to know more! I am happy to help. Artist's Name: Osku Leinonen Photography Address: Lakkisepankatu 2, 33270 Tampere, Finland, Phone Number: +358 (0)45 3185117  Email:

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Question: How can I use these charming pictures and photo Art in my daily life?

Answer: As an aesthetic decor, bohemian wall decoration, appealing gift or even boho-chic shirts. Also as a media for your successful projects (images for websites, social media, brochures, ads, and other marketing material). Commercial licence is available, also.

Question: Can you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes. There are two main Osku Leinonen Photography sites with multiple choices for delivery. You can also buy and download photos in high resolution: and

Question: What does Osku Leinonen Photography site offer?

Answer: Wall Art, aesthetic photos, canvas prints, photo prints, downloadable photos, large photo canvas prints, wall decor, contemplative photography, and images and for websites, social media, brochures, ads, and other marketing material.

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"Osku Leinonen, Finland based Fine Art Photographer Launches New Website International Delivery Choices of Photo Prints and Canvases for Interior Wall Art by Artists from Around the World 11th September 2020

– Osku Leinonen, Finland based freelance fine art photographer is pleased to announce the launch of his second website created via Picfair. This site now offers international delivery choices for photo prints and canvases. Picfair is well-known for providing an amazing opportunity for other free-lance photographers from around the world to display their work and receive a fair price for their photos. Osku Leinonen Photography is known for his deep intrinsic photography who doesn’t just capture what’s in front of his lens but also the energy and emotions associated with the subject; thereby creating a marvelous story with every picture that gets clicked.

For those who are looking for some excellent interior wall art work to decorate their walls at home or office, Osku has gathered some of the most mesmerizing pieces of art. These wall art pieces are great gifting ideas as well. All the prints are inspired by the picturesque beauty of Pispala, Finland, the hometown of Osku. Apart from its saunas, this little city is known for its flora and fauna, the vivid colors that act as a perfect canvas and most importantly the pleasant feel of living in nature. So, for those who want to take a little bit of Finland to their homes, this is the right place to be.To learn more visit and

About Osku Leinonen Photography

Osku Leinonen is a talented, experienced and a freelance Fine Art Photographer based at Tampere, Finland. Osku is also a photo retoucher and a visual artist with special interest in wall art, wall art on canvas and contemplative photography.


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