Profile of Photographer, Visual Artist and Image Editor Osku Leinonen - Osku Leinonen Fine Art Photography

Osku Leinonen Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photographer, Photo Retoucher and Visual Artist, living in Tampere Finland, in picturesque Pispala region. Wall Art Photography and Inspiring Pictures 2020 enrichened with attitude of Far-Outness and Butoh Dance.

Fine Art Photographer, Photo Retoucher, and Butoh dancer, living in Tampere Finland, in Picturesque Pispala Region. Far-out Wall Art and Canvas Pictures with Twist of Coziness

My purpose is to provide an abundance of mental images, awakened impressions and memories through Images, Wall Art and Photography.

- Enrichened with attitude of Far-outness and Butoh-dance. The inner landscape within both the photographer and audience comes to life and to the surface, being perceived by and interacting with everyday reality.

During a powerful interaction, this kind of experience can produce something mutual and communal between people, coming from an archaic space of memories and experiences. It is this area from which and where extremely influential and important experiences in human life are born.

New in the year 2020:

Now magnet-mounted metal prints available, some with inspiring texts and affirmations! Via Displate:

"Turning metal into wood. Aside from our aesthetic roots, we’re also involved in helping to improve global environment – with every Displate sold we plant one tree in the places that need them most. With the support of a non-profit organization Trees for the Future, we help communities alleviate poverty, arouse positive social change and improve both local and global environments."

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