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Pispala and Haulitorni

Tampere houses some of the most beautiful places in Finland, including Pispala. Located just 2.5 km from the city’s center, Pispala is one of the most popular places in Tampere. In the earlier centuries, Pispala was inhabited mainly by factory and railroad workers. The unique building styles that give the peri-urban/urban village vibe you can see today result from the lack of a unified local development plan. In addition, Pispala holds the historical Rajaportin sauna, the oldest sauna in the country, and shot tower Haulitorni, which is a landmark of Pispala region.

How Does Pispala Look?

Pispala is riddled with beautiful, narrow streets and wooden houses. This area is strategically situated on a hill that overlooks Lake Pyhäjärvi and Lake Näsijärvi and is the home to other famous attractions such as the famous lengthy Pispala staircase that was used by Finland’s national team for training in the 60s. You can take a memorable walk to the top to enjoy the lookout from the park and commemorate the Civil War events in 1918.

Other places you can enjoy alongside Pispala include: Lielahti factory area and mansion, known now as Hiedanranta. This factory is found in Southern Näsijärvi and was probably designed by Maria Lydia Von Nottbeck. Her designs have not been found - instead, known original designs feature the name of G. E. Berggren. It was owned by the family up to 1904 when J. W. Enqvist bought it. The factory was set up in 1913. Tampere bought the factory and Manor decades later in 2014.

Tahmela Region

Tahmela lies just at the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi. The area consists of collectively maintained vegetable patches and a beach and is a favourite of the locals and visitors alike.  You can find some magnificent boulders, erratic blocks, from Tahmela.

Log Floating Tunnel

The Log Floating tunnel is a must-visit area in Pispala that can take you from Hyhky to Lake Näsijärvi. Completed in 1968, the log floating tunnel was meant to transport logs between the lakes. However, it was never used and was considered a waste pipe for decades until 2013, when the tunnel started being used to tow small boats on a trailer between the lakes, and the walking route was opened. You can walk through the tunnel or take a walk along the footpath. Then, while walking back to the city center, you can enjoy the scenery at the Näsinneula Tower.

The Pispalan Experience

The people in Pispala live peaceful, vibrant, and quiet lives. However, you can never run out of things to enjoy as part of this country’s culture. The village-like neighbourhood is riddled with restaurants such as Cafe Pispala, Pispalan Pulteri, and Vaakon Nakki. Each of these places is known for its specialty. Cafe Pispala is the city’s pancake hub, while Vaakon Nakki and Pispalan Pulteri are known for their nighttime take away barbecue and steaks, respectively.

Pispala Harju And Hirvitalo

You can stroll in the Pyykkimettä park and enjoy spectacular sites on the Pispalan Harju. If you still have time, you can also visit the grocery shops in Pispala. You can enjoy the Pispala Center of Contemporary Arts at Hirvitalo. The gallery organises both indoor and outdoor events. The indoor events are usually within their “moose street’ gallery, while the outdoor events can be in various places around the suburb.

Pispala Library and Pumpkin House

You can also visit the local Pispala Library. The library was founded in 2001 after the closure of the Tampere City Library branch in Pispala. Lastly, you can enjoy the town’s Pumpkin House, a gardening project that will let you learn about the year’s cycle and traditional pagan festivals.

Pispala may be a small area, but it has a rich history and unforgettable sites for you to enjoy.

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